Baby’s First Facial

Baby’s First Facial! I appreciate the fact that she uses a lot of natural products. I bought this face cleanser from the Naturopathica Skincare line they carry and I love it. After having that terrible reaction on my face a few weeks ago I am trying to stick to less harsh products and more natural solutions.

Having an actual facial is so much different than many of the at home “facial products” I’ve tried before. Not only is it relaxing but my face was glowing for days after. I haven’t had a breakout since I have been getting facials about every two weeks. I have hormonal acne off and on but I haven’t had an issue in over two months! Amanda has stressed to me the importance of maintaining a facial and skin treatment regime. Although it takes time and money, being only a few months away from 30 years old, I really want to take care of my skin.

I am guilty of laying in tanning beds and not wearing sunscreen for years. Besides my first facial I tried a microneedling treatment last week that even further combats skin aging and dullness. I am going to get my second microneedling treatment next week and will write an entire blog post about the experience.

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