Mirra: Do Clay Masks Actually Detox Your Skin?

Do clay masks actually detox your skin? Every once in a while, our skin needs a good little pick-me-up. A good detox, if you will. Some of us prefer a healthy green juice cleanse. Some of us prefer to just get down and gritty with a good clay mask. And, while clay masks may not solve all of our beauty ailments, they do have merit.

Julie Civiello Pollier, Holistic Esthetician and Reiki Master says, “Clay has a negative electric charge when it comes into contact with water which helps pulls impurities from the pores.” Negative ions are beneficial because of their ability to attract and stick to different positive ions or free radicals. When the activated clay comes into contact with water, it can effectively bind to heavy metals. These metals include mercury, cadmium, lead and benzene as well as other environmental pollutants and eliminate them from the body’s tissues.

How do detoxifying clay masks actually work?

According to Julie, “As the mask is drying, the capillaries are exercised and contracted. As you wash off your clay mask with warm water, the ionic exchange provides a deep cleanse, exfoliation and detox. The microcirculation supports cellular sustenance and turnover –all vital for healthy glowing skin. Immediately, the skin is smoother and more refined.” In simpler terms, you can think of clay masks as somewhat of a vacuum — throughout the drying process. The clay begins to pull dirt and oil from your pores, in addition to certain enviornmental pollutants. And as a result, some side effects are tighter pores and less oiliness.

Can everyone use them?

If you have dry and/or sensitive skin, you may be wondering if clay can still be beneficial for you. And, we’re happy to report that almost everyone can benefit from a clay mask! Julie says, “Often, blemished/acneic skin is the most common that can benefit from the properties of clay. I recommend clay masks for most skin moods, because it’s a gentle, yet effective deep cleanse and the magnetic pull brings hydration from the deepest layers of skin to the layers that need it.” If you have extremely dry or sensitive skin, you may want to limit your usage. Be mindful of applying hydrating serums and creams afterwards to nourish your skin.

How often should I use them?

Julie suggests incorporating clay masking into your routine “one to two times a week or as needed.” Amanda Grace, esthetician and founder of Natural Esthetics warns users to be sure that the clay masks you use are “free of fragrances, unnecessary fillers and preservatives.”

The different types

Luckily for us, there are a variety of clays to choose from that work best at tackling different skin moods. 😉

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