News and Observer: Natural Esthetics Skincare Boutique in Cary about making customers feel beautiful

This skincare boutique in Cary is all about making customers feel beautiful!

Amanda Laszacs’ career in the resort spa industry required her family to live somewhat of a nomadic lifestyle. When she wanted to put down roots with her children, Cary was the perfect fit.

In December, she capitalized on her 15 years of experience managing four-diamond resort destinations along the East Coast and opened Natural Esthetics Skincare Boutique in downtown Cary.

“It has always been a passion and interest of mine to become a business owner,” Laszacs said. “When I came across this location it was serendipity. It’s been exciting. I’ve always been looking to go in that direction and I had to find the right location and the right space. When I saw this space, I was signing a lease by the end of the week.”

Natural Esthetics is a skin boutique geared toward esthetic services.

“Esthetics is the art of beauty,” said Laszacs, who now lives in Morrisville. “All products are organic, certified clean, active products. It’s all about making a person feel beautiful.”

She capitalizes on her years of experience in the spa industry to set herself apart. Laszacs says her knowledge of the industry results in a high degree of quality control.

“A lot of locations are not owned by a service provider,” she said.

Natural Esthetics is not a spa meant for relaxation, she says.

“This is where you come in to have a good relationship, good quality service and then go about your day,” she said. “We nourish internally as well as externally.”

Services include facials, waxing, lash and brow enhancements and organic airbrush tanning. The boutique carries an upscale product line.

Clients include men and women, and demographics tend to depend upon the service. Airbrush tanning and waxing attract a wide age range, Laszacs says, while facials are often requested by more mature clients as well as those dealing with skin care concerns.

For those looking toward Valentine’s Day, Natural Esthetics offers luxurious bath and body products as well as gift cards. Laszacs encourages customers and those curious about her business to follow her on Facebook and Instagram for updates and promotions

“I opened in the first part of December,” Laszacs said. “The state board came in and I got a 100 on my license. I have brought on an additional therapist.

“I need to develop those personalized relationships with the client so that when they come in they are recognized and recognize me,” she said. “I am used to having a much larger facility and staff, whereas this is a small setting, a boutique. It’s completely my responsibility.”

Her experience breeds confidence, she says.

“It’s starting out good for the New Year,” she said.
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