OxyGeneo Clinical Ultrasound Facials


OxyGeneo™ is the ONLY device on the market to offer a powerful 3-in-1 clinical treatment of Tripollar Radio Frequency, Oxygen Infusion, & Ultrasound that works inside & outside of the skin.

Rediscover Clean Blemish-Free Skin

OXYGENATION Attracts a surge of oxygen to the skin’s surface
EXFOLIATION Gently removes dead skin cells to renew and refresh skin’s texture
NOURISHMENT A blend of active ingredients absorbed in to the skin for refreshed, revitalized appearance

Benefits of Oxfoliation

  • Unclogs Pores and Refines Surface Texture
  • Stimulates Microcirculation
  • Promotes Cellular Repair & Regeneration
  • Prepares Skin for Maximum Ingredient Absorption
  • Natural Highly Effective Ingredients

Geneo Balance Facial $175

EACH BALANCE CHARCOAL FACIAL IMPROVES SKIN IN TWO WAYS: BALANCING Oxypod has Bamboo Charcoal-Mandelic acid-Camu Camu extract.  BALANCING SERUM infuses Salicylic acid-Oligopeptides-Oils & Extracts complex for an effective fusion of purifying, calming, oil-absorbing ingredients to balance oily skin. Improving its texture in 3 steps Exfoliate+Infuse+Oxygenate

80 mins

Geneo Hydrate Facial $175

HYDRATE Oxypod refreshes with Blue Spirulina-Lactobionic Acid-Niacinamide-Swertia Chirata. HYDRATE Serum is a nourishing combination of Vitamin B5 & Vitamin E – Hyaluronic Acid. Moisturizing dry and dull skin, leaving it glowing, and replenished. Exfoliate+Infuse+Oxygenate

80 mins

Geneo Illuminate Facial $175

ILLUMINATE Oxypod is a Brightening combination of Kojic acid-Stabilized Vitamin C-Prickly pear and Carrot extracts. ILLUMINATINE Serum is a combination of Amino acids derivatives-Tree bark extract-Oils and extracts complex to Exfoliate+Infuse+Oxygenate for a brighter more even toned complexion.

80 mins

Geneo Revive Facial $175

REVIVE Oxypod is a combination of Red Algae-Retinol-Caffeic Acid. REVIVE serum consists of Peptides-Edelweiss-Oils and extracts complex for revitalization of dull skin. A visible reduction in the appearance of fine lines and overall improvement of skin texture in 3 steps Exfoliate+Infuse+Oxygenate

80 mins

Geneo Detox Facial $175

DETOX Oxypod Green Tree Extract-Copper Gluconate-Marula Oil-Allantoin. DETOX Serum infuses Horsetail extract-Vanilla extract-Shea Butter-Argan Oil reinforces the skin’s protective barriers against free radical damage to ensure a well-balanced & rejuvenated complexion in 3 steps Exfoliate+Infuse+Oxygenate

80 mins

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