Face & Body Waxing

Waxing is the process of hair removal from the root by using a covering of a sticky substance, such as wax, to adhere to body hair, and then removing this covering and pulling out the hair from the follicle. It is a very efficient and effective form of hair removal. The process of waxing rips hair from the root of the hair follicle which creates damage to the hair bulb and essentially a wound under the skin, which is why proper technique and care are imperative. This rupturing of the hair follicle will create swelling, tenderness, and redness to the skin. It also disrupts the hair growth cycle which is what allows for the coveted 4-6 weeks between waxing services and thinning of the hair.

Types of wax we use

Hard Wax– is applied in Thick strips, allowed to cool and removed by hand. Hard wax can be used more than once in the same area of skin since it doesn’t adhere to the skin surface.

Soft Wax- is applied in Thin strips then covered with paper or muslin strips that are pulled for removal. Once an area has been waxed with soft wax it can not be re-waxed with soft wax to avoid “lifting” the skin.


  • Bikini (30 min) –  $35.00
  • Full Brazilian (30 min) –  $55.00
  • Front Brazilian (30 min) –  $45.00
  • Buttocks (30 min) –  $35.00
  • Between Cheeks (15 min) –  $15.00
  • Trim –  $5.00

Face Waxing

  • Brows (15 min) –  $15.00
  • Cheek (15 min) –  $18.00
  • Chin (10 min) –  $10.00
  • Lip (10 min) –  $10.00
  • Face/Brow (30 min) –  $40.00

Body Waxing

  • Neck (15 min) –  $15.00
  • Chest (30 min) –  $40.00
  • Shoulders (30 min) –  $25.00
  • Back (45 min) –  $50.00
  • Back-half (30 min) –  $35.00
  • Underarm (15 min) –  $20.00
  • Arm (30 min) –  $40.00
  • Arm-half (30 min) –  $30.00
  • Legs (45 min) –  $75.00
  • Legs-half (30 min) –  $45.00


You should stop shaving for 3-4 weeks to ensure the best result. Hair should be ¼ inch long so the wax has something to attach too for a smooth clean removal, this goes for all areas of the body.Hair grows in 3 cycles and you want all follicles to have the chance to grow out to a desired length.

A Smooth Perfect Wax

Every effort will be made to ensure a smooth clean hair removal treatment, however the area waxed may not be “perfect”after your first wax due to hair breakage, the growth cycle of your hair, and personal skin sensitivity. Shaving makes hair blunt and dense which can cause it to break off instead of being removed at the root during a wax. New growth is finer and has a smaller root, which allows a smoother gentler removal. Hair on the body grows in cycles from the follicles, just like the hair on your head. Repeated waxes received every four weeks without shaving in between will help to insure the alignment of these cycles for less overall hair growth in between.

Precautions prior to waxing?

UV tanning from a tanning bed or outdoor exposure to the sun, topical creams such as Retin-A, Retinol, and other forms of Vitamin A, benzoyl peroxide or any other prescriptions such as Accutane from a Dermatologist should be avoided prior to waxing for a minimum of 7 days preferably. These medications and sun exposure thin the skin and can cause “lifting” during the waxing process.

More About Waxing

Does Waxing Hurt?

The million-dollar question, “does waxing hurt?” is nearly impossible to answer! Everyone has a different pain tolerance and what is painful for someone may not bother someone else. However we make every effort to offer you the most comfortable service possible. If you’re still worried about managing sensitivity, we recommend taking an ibuprofen or aspirin roughly 30 minutes before your appointment to help maximize your comfort. Pro-tip: waxing more frequently will help with sensitivity as hair grows back finer and sparser!

How Long Can I Expect My Wax to Last?

The beauty of waxing is knowing you’ll be hair-free for about 2 weeks following your initial wax appointment and up to 4-6 weeks with subsequent maintained appointments dependent on personal rate of hair growth. DO NOT SHAVE in between appointments.

What's the difference between a Bikini and Brazilian Wax?

A Bikini Line wax removes hair that extends outside of the panty line or crease of the thigh. If you’d like your bikini wax modified, you’re in luck we can accommodate your personal preference! With a Bikini wax hair will be brought inside the panty line to prevent anything from peaking out poolside but left down the middle of the bikini area. A Front Brazilian all the hair is removed from the front without removal between the cheeks and a Brazilian bikini wax removes all hair, including the backside.

Is There An Age Limit For Getting Waxed?

There is not a waxing age limit or waxing age requirement. However, if you’re under the age of 18, bring a parent or guardian on your first visit as we need their consent.

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