Skincare Secrets from an Esthetician

Skincare secrets from an esthetician. I have talked a lot about how I have been getting regular skincare treatments from Natural Esthetics lately. A few months ago I got my very first facial from my esthetician Amanda, you can read about that here. I wanted to share some more information I have learned through maintaining a regular skincare treatment regimen with them.


Microneedling, sounds scary right? It’s a roller of tiny needles being rolled all over your face, WTF?! Yet I’m obsessed. I think you will be too if you try it.

This article does a lot better job at explaining what microneedling is than I ever could. Basically it’s tiny little needles “shredding” your skin so that it can heal itself and produce more collagen. It’s one of the more natural approaches to skin and anti-aging care. Plus it can be used on all skin types.

Long story short it has worked wonders for my skin. I am getting my fifth treatment next week and will be sharing more in another blog post dedicated solely to microneedling!

Eye Puffiness

In the past few months I have noticed my eye area becoming more and more puffy. I talked to my esthetician Amanda about this and she gave me a solution that actually worked. During her facials at Natural Esthetics she gives the most amazing facial massage. She taught me how important facial manipulation is in getting rid of eye puffiness. I learned that the eye area does not have a drainage system. This is why we wake up with stuff in our eyes!

In order to help drain the eye area and help with puffiness, you do a simple massaging motion. Starting from the inner eye and massaging your way out towards your ears using only an outward direction. You can use your fingers, or I bought this jade roller I now use all over my face. I keep it in the freezer and use it in the mornings. It wakes up my face and I have not had to deal with under eye puffiness since!

Using Masks

Face masks of all kinds are all the rage these days. I try to use a face mask like this one once a week. The last time I went to get a facial, Amanda was concerned about the dryness of my skin. She asked if I had been doing anything different and I told her no. I then told her I left a clay mask on for an hour the other night and she nearly fell over. Little known fact, mud, clay, and most types of masks are NOT supposed to be left on long enough to dry! I had no idea. I would sit in the charcoal mask I use all night thinking the longer the better. In reality the mask is only actively helping your skin while it is wet. Once it dries it’s only sucking out moisture. I had left mine on so long it basically burned my skin!

Amanda also gave me some good ideas on how to keep it from dying and continue working. Using a mask while you are taking a hot bath and letting the humidity keep the mask from drying out was one. Using a rose toner like this one to spray on the mask is what I have been doing. I absolutely love this toner. It is a great refresher and I use it as a makeup setting spray too!

Traveling Tips

During the month of November Kyle and I did a lot of traveling. We had a few 6 hour flights and it wreaked havoc on my skin. I went to my esthetician begging for advice so she gave me some great tips. Keeping your skin hydrated is really important. She suggested making your own toner/refresher to use mid flight. Adding tee tree oil, rosemary extract, aloe, and other essential oils to water for a DIY toner is a good idea. I’m lazy so I just used my favorite toner to combat breakouts. Mid flight I had a makeup wipe to cleanse my face which I believe helped as well. She didn’t suggest using a sheet mask on the flight. When you are using a sheet mask the ingredients are opening your pores. You are indeed getting all the benefits of the mask but you are also letting in all the gross airplane air as well.

Skin Love

I’ve heard The Skinny Confidential say that facials are not a luxury they are a necessity. Let’s be honest though, it is a luxury for most people, including myself. Not everyone has the time or extra cash for regular facial treatments. Yet a regular skincare regime is important nonetheless. After years of treating it poorly, I have been investing in my skin lately and have thankfully seen real results. Any type of treatment from Natural Esthetics would make a great Christmas gift to your skin this year!

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