Wake Living: Enhance your Natural Beauty to be Summer Time Fine

Enhance your Natural Beauty to Be Summer Time Fine

Spring showers have brought us May flowers and the skies have gone from dreary to bright. Which means it’s time to shift our beauty routine and embrace Summer Time Fine. Bright Teeth, Bronzed Bodies, and Bare Skin are the ultimate MUSTS to enhance your natural beauty this summer.

Lets Start with Bright Teeth and Say Hello to your Fresh New Smile   

Nothing is more warm and welcoming than the beauty of a pearly white genuine smile. According to a study, conducted by Oral B, having white teeth can make you look five years younger and increases your attractiveness by 20 percent! So the fountain of youth is real, affordable, and efficient!

An LED activated teeth whitening treatment at Natural Esthetics combines 9 ingredients that have all been carefully formulated to safely and effectively whiten teeth, heal oral tissue, neutralize harmful bacteria, and remineralize teeth. This is an effective and efficient treatment to create a more youthful and healthy smile.

Not all LED whitening systems are the same, the homecare systems you see on Amazon and E bay may look the same but many of these use 1 LED that is either blue or white, the Natural Esthetics light has 5 blue LED lights was designed to use the same LED nanometre range as the table top light – 450 470 nm, the other lights do not use this light frequency as it was custom designed.  As with everything follow-up care is important to maintain results.

Glow Girl with a Natural Sunkissed Complexion

Whether you have a pale complexion like me, or were blessed with natural melanin, there is a Bronzed Goddess in all of us. Summer is our Fun in the Sun Time, unfortunately we all know that exposure to UVA UVB and UVC rays can have damaging even life threatening effects, so what’s a woman to do? Organic Airbrush tanning is the Holy Grail you’ve been looking for to give you that natural glow without compromising the health and accelerating the aging of your skin. The close to 99% organic solution used at Natural Esthetics received the only 5 of 5 star rating from Allure beauty editor, Kelley Atterton who secretly shopped over 32 spray tanning salons in major cities across the USA.

Heres how you prepare:

  1. Thoroughly exfoliate and shave or schedule a body prep prior to your treatment.
  2. Avoid wearing make up, moisturizers, and deodorant to your appointment, this acts as a barrier and stops the color from developing properly.
  3. Wear dark colored, loose fitting clothing and sandals following your treatment.
  4. Wax and have a manicure and pedicure BEFORE your treatment

For all the brides to be, I suggest scheduling your appointment 2-3 days before the big day. You’ll want to be sure to shower 2-3 times before the wedding date. This will ensure all the bronzer is completely rinsed out of your pores to avoid any color rubbing onto your dress. A light, natural color is recommended for brides.

Bare Your Body Don’t let your Cookie look like a Wookie

There are many methods when it comes to body hair removal shaving, laser and one of the more popular and efficient methods is waxing. Shaving leaves hair blunt cut feeling more course and thicker with minimal downtime. Its convenient but has to be performed much more regularly and doesn’t yield much time of soft hair free skin. Lasering is another option but the cost and discomfort involved doesn’t always yield a hair free area and requires touch up and may not even work for all skin and hair types. Then theres WAXING which gives long term results with a minimal cost to the regular use and disposal of modern multi blade quality razors and lasering. Waxing is a process where hair is pulled from the root out of the skin to create a smooth hair free area allowing for more time between hair growth cycle. There can be some discomfort involved initially but with regular treatments will diminish as hair comes in less full and the removal process becomes more efficient allowing for 4-6 weeks between appointments! This is a great option for summer to cut down on razor burn and beauty maintenance. All areas of the body can be waxed and all it requires is an appointment with a licensed esthetician.

For more in depth information on any of the summer beauty essentials mentioned above please go to www.naturalesthetics.org or check out Facebook and Instagram at Natural Esthetics. You may also call and speak with a Amanda Grace an industry veteran to get more information or schedule an appointment at 336-862-6946.

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