Wake Living: Fall Into A Facial And Frame Your Face With Brow Artistry

A GREAT add on to your facial is having your brows shaped to frame the face. Natural Esthetics Brow Artist Kenzie offers a few tips:


First, your Esthetician visually measures your brow according to your facial features using a 3 point reference system to determine your ideal shape


Second, waxing, tweezing, and trimming enhances the natural shape of the brow to frame your face.


Finally, using a brow powder, angled brush, and concealer in a shade similar to your own, uneven areas can be concealed to create a streamlined and enhanced brow shape.

Clean ups are recommended every 3-4 weeks depending on your h air growth. Avoid tweezing or razor between appointments. If you feel like your brows grow quicker than the suggested time, please don’t hesitate to come in sooner.

We all hopefully enjoyed our “summertime fine” organic airbrush tans and natural teeth whitening! We’ve also spent time out in the sun, by the pool, cooking out and going to the beach with family and friends. All that chlorine, salty ocean and sun has brightened our spirits but may have left our skin weathered. We are in need of TLC that only a knowledgeable and skilled esthetician can provide.

Our skin has received overactive melanocytes (aka sun-damage) this summer.

It advances the aging process contributing to age spots, hyper/hypopigmentation and collagen break-downs. Also, it causes the epidermis to thicken, increasing the risk of dehydration and capillary damage. Dehydration is a result of skin cells fusing together creating a barrier on the skin. Going into the fall and winter months dehydration can exacerbate multiple issues. These issues include breakouts, increased pore size and appearance of fine lines.

What better way to restore suppleness, repair damage, and head off dehydration than to “fall into a facial”.

Lie down on a comfortable bed, fall asleep in the hands of a knowledgeable and skilled esthetician. Allow those damaged skin cells to fall away as your skins natural beauty is restored.

When scheduling your next facial be aware that all facials are not the same! Performing an effective facial is an art as well as a science. Finding an esthetician that understands how to execute proper application and manipulation of active product to create a harmonious synergy of mental and physical relaxation, that restores the health to maintain the natural beauty of the skin is rare.

Immediately after a facial treatment your skin should feel fresh and radiate. In addition, you should feel a healthy glow, much like a great workout or yoga session. Over the next 2-3 days your skin will look and feel more hydrated and refreshed as the increase in blood flow and muscle stimulation from the esthetician’s tissue manipulations has oxygenated and nourished the skin cells. Naturally, the exfoliation and hydration of the skin from the product selection have triggered a cellular regeneration process. This process restores a more youthful glow and texture.

Everyone’s skin renews at its own rate dependent on age and lifestyle. So, something as simple as getting regular facials roughly every 6 weeks is vital. Use active holistic, organic, eco-certified products by a knowledgeable and skilled Esthetician at Natural Esthetics. They will truly help you restore natural beauty. Maintain a youthful healthy complexion, today.
Amanda Grace owner of Natural Esthetics has 15+ years experience as a licensed esthetician in 3 states and invites you to come experience Natural Results Driven Treatments at her beautiful downtown Cary location. Book today and get a facial and shaped brows!
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