Wake Living: Have A LASHtastic Holiday

It’s that special time of year when we want to look our best in photos and have a LASHtastic holiday, all while making lasting memories with friends and family

After “falling” into a facial to maintain our skin’s natural beauty, we need to make sure our eyes sparkle. Accentuate the beauty and shape of your eyes with an amazing set of eyelash extensions! Shine in your nicest clothes with amazing hair, beautiful skin, and flawless makeup. Now, it’s time to have a LASHtastic holiday!

Imagine waking up looking flawless and ready to take on the day. Wake up makeup is the newest beauty obsession that will simplify your mornings and give you the lashes you’ve always wanted. No smudges, clumps, or watering eyes. With safe individual eyelash extensions, you can protect your natural lash line and enhance the beauty of your eyes. Naturally, you will want to ensure you schedule your appointment with a licensed professional that is also certified in individual eyelash extensions.

Individual eyelash extensions are not to be confused with strip lashes (aka falsie)

Strip lashes are glued to the eyelid for a great quick enhancement but can be very temporary and can pull out your lashes if carelessly removed. Also, cluster lashes can be too heavy and clump together your individual lashes, causing damage to your natural lash. On the other hand, individual extensions are bonded one by one to each lash creating a longer, fuller lash line that’s virtually weightless. In addition, they will shed naturally with your lash growth cycle, causing no damage to your personal lashes with the right care.

Now here’s what to expect when you schedule your first appointment.

THE PROCESS — 2-2.5 hours for a “full set” Recommendations—It’s HIGHLY recommended to arrive with clean lashes free of mascara to avoid additional cleansing that can take away from your appointment time and a makeup removal fee. Feel free to bring your MP3 player or iPod.

Consultation — Your appointment begins with your arrival, intake form, assessment of your lashes, and consultation on your desired look and how to protect your natural lash line with safe eyelash extensions.

Application — Once relaxed on the bed, your lashes are prepped for application. Then, your bottom lashes are taped down. The lash artist will begin to separate your individual lashes and apply a single extension. You will not feel a thing during the process. Conversation will be minimal to ensure your eyes stay relaxed for ease of application. Falling asleep is normal. Once completed you will emerge with a full set of longer beautiful lashes!


1. Do not wash eyes, wet lashes or shower for 24 hours after the extension application. Do not swim, visit the spa, tan, or spray tan for 48 hours after the application to allow for complete bonding.

2. Be gentle to your lashes! Do not excessively rub your eyes or pull on lashes. Avoid touching your extensions as the natural oils from your hands break down the adhesive bond.

3. Mascara use is not recommended! If you must use mascara, use it sparingly. Use it only on the tips of the extensions. Never apply from base to tip. Then, gently remove mascara.

4. Do not use oil-based cleansers, eyeliners, or waterproof mascaras which will cause premature shedding of extensions.

5. Apply lash conditioner to preserve the look and extend the life of your extensions. The conditioner seals, fortifies and gives the lashes a wonderful shine.


A FILL is necessary about every two to three weeks, depending on the care and the natural shedding of your lashes. And, fills are available in 30-90 minute increments based on need.

You will fall in love, look amazing, and enjoy a LASHtastic holiday season after visiting Natural Esthetics. So, enjoy your new lashes!

By Amanda Grace, owner of Natural Esthetics, has 15+ years of experience as a licensed esthetician in three states. She invites you to experience Natural Results Driven Treatments at her beautiful downtown Cary location.

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