Wake Living: Spring Clean Your Skincare Routine

Do you know what it means to spring clean your skincare routine?

We’ve all received that free gift with purchase or the beautifully packaged, amazing smelling product for our birthday. Or, we’ve felt compelled to purchase what is advertised to us. Maybe, it’s in the magazine or commercial. It’s advertised by a beautiful model with a flawless complexion. These items live in our purse, on the bathroom sink and stashed in our drawers and cabinets. But, what are we really putting on our skin? Are these products helping to preserve, restore, and maintain our natural beauty?

If a product is causing more harm than good, why do we hang onto it?

You’re not going to eat something you’re allergic to. You can’t survive off junk food and expect to maintain your health. Why neglect and compromise your skin with products that do more harm than good? You Only Get One FACE. You wear it every day. Therefore, Spring Clean your Skincare Routine.

The skin is the largest organ of the body. However, it’s the last organ to receive any nutritional benefits from the diet. Topical application of clean, natural products is important for this very reason! So, the skin acts as a protective barrier. Unfortunately, the skin absorbs those toxins in the process. That being said, many traditional skincare products contain phthalates and parabens linked to increased cancer risk. Additionally, many allergens cause premature aging and chronic sensitivities

Studies also suggest that the more products you use, the higher toxic concentrations are in your body.

Cosmetics are notorious for having many toxic ingredients. As a matter of fact, we suggest a natural approach to skincare. This helps minimize harmful ingredients from entering your body and compromising your skin. That being said, always check the label.

There’s a rise in sensitive prematurely aging skin caused by allergenic, irritating ingredients. The skincare development process can be shrouded in mystery. Sometimes, regulations fall short. Currently, the FDA does not approve what ingredients are added to personal care products or cosmetics. They can only request a company to pull a skin care product off the shelf.

Natural Esthetics is committed to your skin’s health and beauty. We utilize products that work with the skin’s natural renewal process. Natural Esthetics uses proven botanicals and clean, cosmeceutical ingredients to deliver results without compromising your natural beauty.

We promise to use…

  • Ingredients that are natural and naturally derived.
  • Ingredients with a good environmental rating. According to Environmental Working Group standards, you should use ECO-CERT ingredients when possible.

Avoid leading allergens such as these Top 10 in Cosmetics. This is compiled by the North American Contact Dermatitis Group.

  • parabens (preservative)
  • propylene glycol (cosmetic base)
  • diazolidinyl urea (preservative)
  • synthetic fragrance
  • lanolin (cosmetic base)
  • quaternium-15 (preservative)
  • cinnamicaldehyde (perfume)
  • phenoxyethanol (preservative)
  • formaldehyde (preservative)
  • benzophenone (sunscreen)

Think about it. We spend hundreds of dollars on hair, mani/pedis, new shoes and bags. However, we don’t always invest in quality skincare. So, invest in yourself. Invest in your health and your natural beauty. Remember, you only get one FACE. Wear it every day. Make sure to Spring Clean your Skincare Routine.

Amanda Grace is the owner of Natural Esthetics and has 15+ years of experience as a licensed esthetician in three states. She invites you to experience Natural Results Driven Treatments at her beautiful downtown Cary location.

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